Monday, May 4, 2009


My second English post! Yah well, I just wrote 1 English post and I think that is not enough to improve my English.

Let me tell you about my day, I went to Tami’s house to practice the calisthenics for our physical lesson final exam at school.

After tralalala, so finally we’ve finished the calisthenics and by chance, Noven brought a DVD of KNOWING. Actually, Layina, Tasha, and Noven has watched that movie already but I, Tami,and Oya hasn’t watched that movie, so finally we decided to watch it.

The story was about a young girl named Lucinda Embry a student of William Dawes Elementary School in 1959, who suggests to make a time capsule containing the students’ drawings of their ideas about the future and burry it, so the next 50 years, the students in the same school can open it up.

Lucinda Embry

But oddly, she writes some digits and those look like codes. When the time for the students to draw things is up, the teacher takes all the drawing and also Lucinda’s. But she can’t stop writing the codes although the teacher has taken the paper already. She scratches the gym closet with bleeding hands to write those strange codes again and complains about strange voices she hears.

50 years afterwards, in 2009, a boy named Caleb opens Lucinda’s envelope. He brings Lucinda’s writings home and asks his father who is a widower, John, to solve that codes.


As Caleb receives Lucinda’s envelope, he starts to hear the strange voice, which is the same like Lucinda just heard.

Tralala trilili, the conclusion is, the strange codes which is written by Lucinda, shows Caleb about doomsday. Some strangers, I don’t know who they are, I think the are angels, invites those who can hear the strange voice, Caleb and Abby (Lucinda’s grand daughter) to leave the earth and start a new life.

You should watch it because for me, this movie is kind of a wake up call. Doomsday, it’s all in God’s hand and I think it’s better to be a good fellow as soon as we can. Don’t you think so?