Monday, June 22, 2009


Yeah, at my first day in 8D, I had never thought that I would miss 8D this much. There are lots of thing that I just can't tell here.

But now, I DO miss 8D, especially because I didn't join them when they went to Dufan. Well, I didn't join them not because I DIDN"T WANT but I COULD NOT. When I saw the pictures of my friends at Dufan, I felt a little bit jealous that I also want to spend my time in Dufan with you all, but unfortunately I couldn't. I do want to roll back time and spend my time again with 8D.

Do you want to know why I miss 8D a lot? Because.. It's 8D! I just realize that I got so much lessons in 8D. How to be a nice person, a patience person, a funny person, a trust worthy person, and so much more I just can't tell you here because I would spend my whole day to write these stuffs with 8D.

All of my friends in 8D, I hope that you will never forget our times in 8D, whenever and wherever we meet, PLEASE don't hesitate to say HI to me, okay?

If I had a Cosmo or Wanda, I would say "I'd like to roll back time so I could spend my time with 8D again, and I would use that precious time as well as possible, and I wouldn't waste those moments"