Thursday, August 20, 2009

Memoirs of a Geisha

So people, I’d like to share what I’ve just read. The book name is Memoirs of a Geisha. There’s a film that is based on that novel with the same title. This is such an amazing book, written by Arthur Golden. He’s such an amazing author! He’s an American, he’s a man and he lives nowadays, but he could write such a breathtaking novel that tells you about geisha’s life. He had to transform from a man to a woman, from an American to Japanese, and from present time to past time.

Before it’s getting too far, I want to ask you, do you know what Geisha is? Geisha is traditional, female Japanese entertainer whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance. Mostly, geisha’s job is to entertain guests in traditional Japanese bars.

The novel is told from the point of view of Sayuri Nitta, a retired geisha who is living in New York City. She is a beautiful, grey colored eyes woman. She recalls her early childhood as Chiyo Sakamoto, a 9 year-old girl who lives in Yoroido a small poor and dull village with her parents and family in the year 1929. Unluckily, Chiyo and her sister, Satsu, are sold into a life of servitude by their parents. Her sister is taken by a brothel and she’s taken by a geisha house named Nitta Okiya in Kyoto. There, she learns how to be a geisha.

But, there’s a popular geisha who lives in Nitta Okiya. She’s Hatsumomo. She has a very evil behavior. She thinks that Chiyo and with her talents and beauty can beat Hatsumomo’s popularity and wealth so Hatsumomo annoys Chiyo’s life cruelly.

While mourning in the street, a man greets her and cheers her up. Then, that man buys her an ice snow cone, and then he wipes Chiyo’s tears with his handkerchief. After that, he gives Chiyo his handkerchief and some money. That man is Chairman Ken Iwamura. After that, Chiyo is obsessed to be a geisha because she thinks, by being a geisha she would meet Ken Iwamura again in another time.

When Chiyo is being a teenager, a famous top Geisha in Kyoto, named Mameha, interested with Chiyo’s beauty. Then, Mameha teaches Chiyo many things about Geisha and then when Chiyo’s getting famous, she changes her name into Sayuri.

Because of Sayuri’s great career, the owner of Nitta Okiya adopts Sayuri to be her daughter. So, Hatsumomo no longer can annoy Sayuri.

And more things that I can’t tell you one by one! I really recommend you to read this amazing book! This is such a magnificent wonderful superb book!