Thursday, April 23, 2009

Physics Competition

Hi fellas! This time, I would like to write an English post, because I really want to improve my English, since I really want to join the EF homestay program which is presented by Education First. So if anybody find a mistake in my post, don’t hesitate to tell me, okay! Just fill my chatbox and let me know!

First of all, I’d like to say to Layina Maula that I’m trying not to copy your style, tee hee

So let’s begin the story. At about a half past seven in the morning, Mr. Juju called me, Ezi, and Oya to the teacher’sroom by the speaker, but he made a little mistake, because he supposed to call Ila, not Oya.

So, we met Mr. Juju.

Oya: “Mr Juju! Why did you call me?”
Mr. Juju: “Oh! You’re going to have a mathematic competition in Tangerang”
Oya: Me? I haven’t had any preparation yet! It supposed to be Ila!”
Mr. Juju: “Really? Oh, would you please call Ila to the teacher’s room?”

So, I, Oya, and Ezi ran again to the 4th floor hall and called Ila. But she seemed to be didn’t want to join the competition.

So trilili trilala, I, Ezi, and Ila, and also Mr. Juju, left the school by my car to SMPN 1 Cicurug.

Then, I went to the room 1(physics room), if I’m not mistaken, Ila went to room 5 (mathematic room) and Ezi went to the room 9 (biology room).

And guess what. I had such a very very difficult test! There were so many questions that I haven’t learned yet at school. I just answered about 70% of it.

I’d rather making 500 words English essay than sitting there in such an uncomfortable atmosphere, looking at the super disgusting question sheet, urrgh!

Because I didn’t answer a lot of questions, I finished the test quickly and had nothing to do for about 1 and a half hour! I drew things in a piece of paper, wrote unimportant things, to kill the time.

After waiting awfully, the bell finally rang and I immediately went outside and looked for Ila or Ezi. And obviously, we had the same problem, didn’t understand a lot of questions, fuh, I don’t care anymore whether I would win or not.

Whatever happen, this competition will be my last competition in my junior high school. Imagine! From elementary school, I’ve had 9 academic competitions!

Then, we went back to our lovely school, and stopped for a second at Alam Sutera McDonald’s to buy something to eat.

And guess what? Mr. Juju or maybe our school was very stingy! When we stopped by at McDonald’s, Mr. Juju said that school just provided Rp 10.000 per person, bah, what could we eat? After begging for a long time, finally Mr. Juju gave us Rp 50.000 for three of us, fyuh

Such a tiresome day...